When is it okay to approach a celebrity in public? My friend works at a Starbucks here in downtown and Elijah Wood has been coming there everyday and I’m freaking out??????

Quietly. Don’t draw a big crowd of your own accord. Treat them like a regular person. Obviously, you’ll be excited, and that’s cool! But don’t like… put them on a pedestal or anything. Just be all “Oh, hey, it’s you! I love your acting, especially <role>.” If they don’t have time for you, that’s fine. They’ve got stuff to do. If they do have time for you, great!



I just realized that in POA not only does Snape teach about werewolves because he hopes someone notices Lupin’s lyncanthropy, but he also takes away Remus’ opportunity to teach about them as they should be, not as monsters, but as afflicted people.

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Afflicted people who can kill people without meaning to. Werewolves are a slightly different kettle of fish than, say, gay people. The only gay guy I can think of who literally killed and are people was Jeffrey Dahmer.

But by all means let’s pretend they’re being oppressed for no reason.

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